World-Class Luxury Design for Architecture and Interior Design by Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Design for Architecture and interior design are commonly found in public areas such as Luxury hotels, government establishments, and other commercial buildings at the city center. It may usually categorize as skyscrapers and other prestigious landmarks. However, in this modern era, luxury design for architecture and interior design can now be found for residential, commercial, and other industrial structures. As a result, the architecture and interior design industry have leveled up its capacity to provide a multi-level design and compositions of every structure. When it comes to Luxury Design for architecture and interior design, there is always a company that standout as it has been continuously performing the highest level of luxury design towards every project – “Luxury Antonovich Design,” a multinational and award-winning architecture and interior design company Dubai, its head office is situated in Dubai UAE.

Over the years of exemplary performance and world-class design executions towards every architecture and interior design, Luxury Antonovich design has been continuously operating its office branches located at different prime locations – Miami, Florida USA, and Astana Kazakhstan. Luxury Antonovich Design is owned by the world’s most luxurious interior designer – Katrina Antonovich who is very hands-on in every company’s operations and project executions. She also stands as the CEO, Chief Designer, and Architect of the company. In addition, Katrina Antonovich has her own signature luxury classic furniture line called the “KA Brand,” which is being showcased at Dubai’s biggest luxury furniture store – KA Luxury. Indeed, Luxury Antonovich Design has the full capacity to perform the most luxury design for architecture and interior design with world-class design implementations.

لاكشري أنتونوفيتش ديزاين هي أفضل شركة إبداعية في دبي والتي تقدم أفضل حلول التصميم الداخلي بمختلف الأنماط – من نمط الآرت ديكو الي النمط الكلاسيكي والحديث والمتطور والي التكنولوجيا الفائقة. حيث يشارك خبراؤنا في تحقيق أحلامك في الحصول على منزل مثالي فلل مودرن.

As it has, it’s a house high caliber team that is composed of the most professional and skilled architects, interior designers, project managers, and engineers that have the full ability to perform the highest level of standards in providing exceptional architecture and interior design with a complete luxury design. Luxury Antonovich Design is the creator of different luxury design for elite projects such as luxury hotels, palaces, Arabian villas, world-class commercial establishments, modern apartments, mosque, and high-end villas owned by different prestigious personalities, VIP’s, world top leaders, royal families, huge investors, and business people. These top-of-the-line people are the ones that require the highest level of standards and requirements in every project that they owned, and only a company that has the full ability to execute the complete architecture and interior design executions has the ability to develop the most desired project. When developing a set of luxury design projects, Luxury Antonovich design is the most reliable and trusted company worldwide. It guarantees an absolute design and concrete compositions of the full materials for every luxurious project. With Luxury Antonovich Design, every Luxury Design for Architecture and Interior Design will surely be accomplished with 100% accuracy in all details and style. Luxury Antonovich Design, the team is always inspired by creating the most luxurious design that will fulfill every client’s complete requirement.