Katrina Antonovich – Renowned Architect and Interior Designer

Most Luxurious Interior Designer in the World – Katrina Antonovich

Katrina Antonovich is a Dubai based architect and interior designer which is very famous for its remarkable luxury project accomplishments all over the world. Over many years of international expertise, Katrina Antonovich has been acknowledged as the “Most Luxurious Interior designer in the World”. Katrina Antonovich is the CEO, Architect, and Chief Designer of the world-class company – Luxury Antonovich Design which deals with the international industry of Architecture and Interior Design. To be able to manage absolute services and project developments international, Luxury Antonovich Design has its office’s branches located in prime cities in the worlds such as Miami Florida USA, Astana Kazakhstan, and it’s head office in Dubai UAE.

Katrina Antonovich also owns the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai – “Luxury Antonovich Home” which is also known as the “KA Luxury”. Luxury Antonovich Home is featuring different luxurious furniture design from Italy and Turkey. As the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai, KA Luxury is also an authorized supplier of different signature luxury brands. At KA Luxury, Katrina Antonovich is proudly showcasing her very own luxury furniture creations with her signature design.

Luxury Antonovich Home was indeed a one-stop-shop for the complete needful in every project development as it has the widest varieties of luxurious furniture design which can be very well implemented in all types of structural project either it is for residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial design. To own a world-class architecture and interior design company which has its own production of furniture and decorative materials has been such a great advantage for Katrina Antonovich and her team to perform absolute project performances all over the world.

Wherein, the design implementations and realizations will surely have the most accurate solutions exactly according to every requirement of the project and its owner. No doubt that with the great directory of Katrina Antonovich towards the Luxury Antonovich Design, this company is undeniably the best and has the full capacity to perform absolute solutions towards every project world-wide.  

Great Visions for the Future of Architecture and Interior Design by Katrina Antonovich

The “Queen of Luxury Interior Design” – Katrina Antonovich, never stops is discovering new design innovations that will shape up the future of architectural and interior design structure. Along with her top professional and expert team – Luxury Antonovich Design, performing the greatness in the new trends and style in modern architecture has been always a great privilege to perform a remarkable design that will improve the modern style and create the most remarkable art pieces for every project. Katrina Antonovich is a natural artist by the blood who has been very adventurous when it comes to every design innovations; she is keeping her head high in aiming the most functional design that will bring out absolute convenience for every property owner. With this regard, Katrina Antonovich and her company – Luxury Antonovich Design has been using different advanced and high definition technology that performs premium class project developments that always lead to the most outstanding and world class turnkey solution.