Luxury Design Villas and Hotels by Luxury Antonovich Design

When it comes to Luxurious project executions, the very first company that will come up to everybody’s mind is the Luxury Antonovich Design. As it has been accomplished different prestigious project all over the world, Luxury Antonovich’s Design has indeed set the highest standard of luxuriousness in the international industry of Architecture and Interior Design. Luxury Antonovich Design has different branches all over the world that has been continuously providing exceptional services and design in all sorts of project requirement, either it is for commercial, residential, hospitality, and industrial. With its head office in Dubai- UAE was in its own furniture store is also situated to be located at – the KA Luxury, the biggest luxury furniture showroom in Dubai. KA Luxury has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and the complete needful in the complete project executions. The exceptional services and breath-taking creations of Luxury Antonovich Design Team is continuously being performed all over the world as its high caliber team is continuously being in touch with all the international  clients as its offices branches in Miami Florida USA and Astana Kazakhstan has been always very active and updated in all the client’s needs and requirements.

Luxury Antonovich Design is owned by the most luxurious interior designer in the world – Katrina Antonovich, which has been recently awarded in Forbes and Asia Pacific Property Awards as the no. 1 Entrepreneur. Katrina Antonovich’s creation of luxury design villas and hotels all over the world has been created a huge noise in the architecture and interior design industry. Katrina Antonovich iconic design creations that she is performing towards every luxury design villas and Hotels was indeed exceptional as it embodies the finest design creations which are full of aesthetic deco. Every Luxurious project executions that the Luxury Antonovich design is handling, is guaranteed to emphasize the most luxurious and signature style of Katrina Antonovich, most especially when it comes to every luxury design villas and hotels. Luxury design villas and hotels are the most challenging projects to develop in the industry of Architecture and Interior design. It always takes the best company that has the most professional and skilled team that has the full ability to perform the complete executions according to the complete requirements. These exceptional projects are the ones that have very high standards in every detailed design and construction of every material and foundation.

With Luxury Antonovich Design, every luxury design villas and hotels will surely accomplish the most desirable design and its composition, as it is one of the specialties and expertise of Luxury Antonovich Design which has been very well known in the international industry of Architecture, engineering and interior fit-out works. Having its own manufacturing and factory for the complete furniture and materials that is needful in every project executions have become the greatest advantage of Luxury Antonovich Design as it has the full ability to execute the most exclusive and luxurious design that is very well suitable in every luxury design villas and hotels. Luxury Antonovich design is also very well known as the top provider of customized furniture design, carpets, chandeliers, and other modern luxury decorations with advanced technology functions.