Best Architecture and Interior Design Company that Develops Luxury House Design

Luxury Antonovich Design is a multinational company based in Dubai that deals with world-class project executions worldwide. It is owned by the world’s most luxurious interior designer – Katrina Antonovich which is also the CEO, Architect, and Chief Designer of Luxury Antonovich Design. Katrina Antonovich is very hands-on in all branches of operation for the company as she also pays attention in every project development and executions that the team is handling. Katrina Antonovich creations have been very famous for having its iconic design of signature luxury style which she implies in every prestigious project that the Luxury Antonovich Design is handling. Katrina Antonovich also owns the biggest luxury furniture showroom in Dubai – KA Luxury that is showcasing the widest selection of luxurious furniture, decorations, and accessories which are all made up of premium class materials. The quality and style of every luxurious furniture and magnificent work of art pieces that are being showcased at the KA Luxury is guaranteed made up of the highest quality of style and materials as the KA Luxury has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and the full needful in every project executions most especially in developing a luxury house design.

When it comes to international project executions, It has been always the top of the choice in developing elite and high-end luxury projects which owns by Royal families, VIP’s, the world’s top leaders, businessman, investors and different famous personalities. Luxury Antonovich Design has been acknowledged as the top luxurious architecture and interior design company that has been continuously building amazing work of art towards every luxurious project that it is developing in all parts of the world. As it has been considered as the most reputed company when it comes to architecture and interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design has the highest standards and capacity to perform the most luxurious and prestigious project either it is residential, commercial, hospitality and even for industrial properties. One of the expertise and specialties of Luxury Antonovich design is to execute the highest level of design implementations for all types of luxurious residential projects in the world, in fact, Luxury Antonovich Design has accomplished different prestigious residential projects and luxury house design international such as palaces in South Africa, Arabian villas in the Middle East, elite houses in the USA and modern apartments in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

Over the years of its world-class expertise and executions towards every luxurious project and house design, Luxury Antonovich Design is continuously operating its office branches which are located in Miami Florida, USA and Astana Kazakhstan. Wherein every client in different parts of the world can easily get in touch with every project manager that provides the full project coordination along with the clients and the full team. With Luxury Antonovich Design every prestigious project most especially every luxury house design will surely achieve the most desirable architectural and design setting according to the full requirement. Luxury Antonovich Design has been part of every family all over the world that achieves their dream home come true.